MACKEY & CHESAPEAKE New Providence/Paradise Island

$ 6,500.00

Situated on the corner of Mackey and Chesapeake Road, this spacious warehouse space with 7,700 sq. ft. was the home of the well-known business of Minute Muffler. Located in a very highly visible and busy area, this property will be the perfect location for a new industrial…

7700 sq ft

CORAL HARBOUR New Providence/Paradise Island

$ 399,000.00

Situated on the main Coral Harbour Drive in southern New Providence, this spacious 23,530 sq. ft. property can be a great business opportunity. Formerly the Coral Harbour Service Station and located in a high traffic area this property is perfectly situated for any new or existing business.

1800 sq ft

BACARDI ROAD New Providence/Paradise Island

$ 37,000,000.00

This iconic (formerly Bacardi Rum manufacturing plant) is one of a few industrial zoned properties located on the waterfront in southern New Providence with over 62 acres of land. This property has 1,235 linear feet of water frontage and over 400,000+ of interior square footage made up…