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"Valderine is an exceptional Realtor who goes out of her way to accommodate all of your real estate needs. She is extremely detailed and cares about ensuring all of your questions/concerns are properly and timely addressed. Valderine goes the extra mile to make certain you are very comfortable with your real estate investment decision before any commitment is made. I would highly recommend her as one of the top experienced Realtors in The Bahamas!"

Sandra Payne
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Goldwynn Condo-Hotel Suite

Goldwynn Condo-Hotel Suite Type: For Sale Only
Location: New Providence/Paradise Island



Columbus Cove Beachfront Rental

Columbus Cove Beachfront Rental Type: For Rent Only
Location: New Providence/Paradise Island



Bahamas Utilities and Living Costs

The Bahamas offers telecom, cable television services, broadband internet, and all of the basic utilities expected of any modern Western country.

Cable Television and Internet

Cable Bahamas is the largest local supplier of television and internet services in the Bahamas offering reliable broadband services and television packages comparable to those offered in North America (with US and Canadian based programming). DirectTV and other satellite television providers are also an option for receiving programming.

Cost for Digital Cable Television (Cable Bahamas) = Approx. $45-$50/month

Broadband Internet Access (Cable Bahamas) = Approx. $40/month

T: 242-356-6780 or



Local telephone services, until recently dominated by the government-run BTC (Bahamas Telecommunications Company) shows promise of improvement and likely cost reductions for international calling under the guidance of global telecom service provider Cable and Wireless (UK).

Home Telephone Costs (BTC): residential basic rental rate = $16.50/month

T: 242-302-7000


Waste Collection

Residential waste collection is handled by the government with most areas being visited once per week by garbage collection trucks. While facilities do exist, recycling on the islands is in the infancy stage.

T: 242-341-1967


Electricity on most of the islands is provided by the government operated Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC). BEC produces electricity on 25 islands employing nearly 30 power plants to supply nearly 100,000 customer accounts.

Basic monthly residential electricity rates = Approx.. 11.5 cents per KWH

T: 242-302-1000


Water & Sewerage

Residential Water and sewerage services are provided by the Bahamas Water & Sewerage Corporation. To note, many homes have their own cesspits and ground water wells.

Residential Water charges begin with a minimum charge $36 per month.

T: 242-302-5500